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Classic Boat Works

Repairs | Storage | Maintenance| Prep

Classic Boat Works

Repairs | Storage | Maintenance| Prep

WE Fix, store, prep and maintain your boat

Service and repairs for MOST boat makes and models
Autohrized dealer of Aerial Wakeboard Towers


The Classic Boat Works' team is dedicated to customer satisfaction. We have certified mechanics for I/O type engine or outboard


 Our boat storage facilities are ideal for long-term winter boat storage, or simply for a resting place between lake outings


Boat Works' cleaning services include exterior & interior cleaning, buffing, waxing, fiberglass, gel-coat repair, and more

Meet The Owner, Ken Luke!

Ken offers an old-fashioned, quality service for boat repair, storage, prep, and maintenance. “I run an old-school shop that believes in doing the right thing. When I shake a customers hand, it means something to me.” Ken is a family man, married with four children and has not only been in the boat business but the "motor business" for 30 years. He started his company in 2010 and is proud to be a self-employed business owner. The shop is located in Brentwood, at 6715 Brentwood Blvd. Suite A. He chose this location, as the facility is located right next to the Delta, giving easy access to launch ramps and giving Ken the benefit of having water testing done right by the shop!




We have extensive experience offering special services such as repairs or rebuilds for various types of engines and transmissions, submerged object damage, and hole reconstructions. Boatworks services OMC, Mercrusiers, Volvo’s, PCM, and Indmars engines.

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Classic Boat Works has a safe harbor for your investment. We are more than just a place to put your boat, we know how to store your boat, keep it safe and well maintained. What better place to store your boat than where an expert boat mechanic resides!

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LOTS of offerings to help you with your boat

Fully Protected Storage Area

It's always sad when you have to put your baby away for the winter but proper storage can not only save you space at your home but provide better security and when done properly will help you “winterize”  your vessel. Safely storing your watercraft requires a bit more work than you might know. Classic Boat Works is here to help and we understand and implement the best techniques.

Full Service Repair

We have extensive experience offering special services such as repairs or rebuilds for the engine and transmission, hole reconstructions, and submerged object damage. Boatworks services OMC, Mercrusiers, Volvo’s, PCM, and Indmars.


Proper boat maintenance is essential to keep a boat running long and healthy. All boats take a water and debris beating under normal to heavy use. Depending on the type of water (salt, fresh, muddy, debris-filled) and weather conditions, they can face any number of things that will threaten your motor to quit running in the middle of your journey, ground you or worst case, even sink if you don’t take care of the necessary things.

Boat Preparation (Prep)

Boat preparation is important before you set out for you boating adventure, as it is key to make sure that you have everything ready to go when it comes to launch. With proper preparation, you minimize the likelihood that something gets missed, goes wrong and allows you greater peace of mind.

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