Storage Information

Storage Information

Complete Security & Storage

Your boat is like your child, and it deserves to be kept in a safe and secure place. Classic Boat Works owns over 2 acres of dedicated boat storage at our Brentwood location to guarantee your boat is in safe hands.

We offer the following storage and security features:

  • Locked and gated facilities
  • All boats protected from the elements
  • Periodic service discounts for storage customers
  • Personal valet services

All Boats Protected From The Elements

Every boat stored with Classic Boat Works is protected from the outside elements using boat covers, standard for boats being stored outside. Covers can be provided by the customer or provided by Classic Boat Works for an additional cost.

Service Discounts

All storage customers receive annual service discounts on our goods and services for their business storing their boat with us. Discounts are at the discretion of Classic Boat Works.

Personal Valet Service

For service work, transportation can be arranged for customers with or without trailers. Prices are determined by the duration, length of the trip, & if we provide the trailer or just the transportation.

For storage, Classic Boat Works offers a yard valet service at our Brentwood location. Simply drop your boat at the front gate when it's ready to go into storage. Secure your cover, and we'll take care of the rest. For pickup, give us a call and let us know when you would like to pick up your boat. We will try to accommodate your request and have your boat waiting for you when you arrive. We request a 24-hour notice for pickup; same-day pickups are available as well, but sometimes may require a short wait.

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Storage Offers

Locked & Gated Facilities
All Boats Protected From Elements
Service Discounts
Personal Valet Service